Conference Agenda

The conference agenda is below.

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8.30am Pre Conference Networking Session
  • Delegates arrive from 8:30am when an informal breakfast is provided, and a chance to network with other attendees, before the conference starts at 9:30am
9.30am Welcome and Introduction from the Chair
  • The evolution of MMC in Resi Markets
9.40am Innovation the Residential Construction Sector – A strategic market overview
  • Is the sector now learning to innovate and how widely is MMC & Off-site construction being adopted?
  • What is happening to the market at it matures and why has it not worked out for some early entrants?
  • What have we learnt about real market constraints, what is working well and what successes and progress have we seen?
  • How do we kill some of the myths and misconceptions around MMC?
  • Given what we have seen, and where we are now, how do we see the market evolving to dramatically increase delivery via MMC – what is realistic?
  • What is the latest with the MMC definition framework and what will happen next?

Speaker: Mark Farmer, Founding Director & CEO, Cast

10.00am Innovation as the future of the construction industry
  • How can we innovate to deliver more homes, better quality homes that are more sustainable, and attract the right talent to join the industry to make it all happen?

Speakers: In conversation with:,
George Clarke, Architect & Founder, Mobie,
Mark Farmer, Founding Director & CEO, Cast

10.20am Where are we with Innovation in the Construction Sector & Modern Methods of Construction?
  • Why is now a real opportunity for the industry to transform itself for the future?
  • What is happening with the traditional construction markets, build costs and labour that makes MMC more attractive?
  • Where do technology, precision engineering, robotics and BIM come into it?
  • How have MMC products evolved and can it be cheaper, quicker and a more sustainable solution?
  • How do we integrate MMC into the procurement process and deliver more standardisation of products?
  • Why is MMC a key element of reaching sustainability targets and delivering low carbon homes?
  • How can we measure a wider range of ESG outcomes from MMC products?
  • What is the value toolkit and how can it help the construction industry evolve?

Speakers: Rob Littlewood, Partner, Akerlof,
Ellie Jenkins, Partner, Akerlof

10.40am Understanding upcoming legislation, environmental targets and deadlines that mean innovation and change are now inevitable
  • How will the industry have to change the way it delivers to meet these targets?
  • How does this make MMC so important moving forward – what is coming, what does it mean, and what changes are needed?
  • What are the 7 categories of MMC and why do these go beyond volumetric and modular building?
  • Which residential and living sectors have seen the most adoption and where do we see the most demand moving forward?
  • What does the Government’s Affordable Housing programme mean for MMC delivery?

Speaker: Richard Valentine-Selsey, Head of European Living Research, Savills

11.00am Questions for Mark, Rob, Ellie, Richard and Ele
11.15am Networking Coffee Break
11.45am Winning hearts and minds - How can we encourage those providing investment and funding to support Innovation & Modern Methods of construction?
  • What projects and products are those putting money into the MMC market most interested in?
  • What are the key parameters of securing this funding?
  • How can we ensure that the insurance and warranty certification is as secure as that of more traditional construction?
  • What is the funder view on MMC and how do they see it evolving?
  • Why does MMC offer a long term operational cost reduction and why is this a key element?

Speakers: Jamie Parr, Founder & Director, Better Delivery,
Jeff Maxted, Director of Technical Consultancy, BLP Technical Services & BOPAS,
John Carter, Commercial Director, Aldermore Bank,
Ele George, Founding Director, Elevate (Chair)

12.15pm How do we set good industry standards for the products being delivered by MMC?
  • What is necessary to achieve necessary standards for third party warranty and insurance?
  • What is needed for a warranty in terms of design, product and of how it is delivered on the ground?
  • How long is a building delivered via MMC expected to last and are there any differences in the standard expected when compared to traditional construction?
  • How can such guarantees build confidence in MMC products and increase delivery?
  • How does this certification offer lenders and investors confidence in what is being delivered and help them manage risk?
  • How many different products and systems are now successfully certified to this standard?

Speaker: Chris Hall, Technical Innovation Manager, NHBC

12.35pm Questions for Chris
12.40pm Panel Session – What does Innovation really mean in Residential Construction?
  • Understanding what can be delivered using MMC - What have we learned so far?
  • Why is MMC the solution to low carbon & zero carbon building?
  • How does MMC change the entire process of delivery?
  • How can the industry transition from traditional construction methods to MMC?
  • What is the effect of MMC on budget and timeframe when delivering a residential scheme?
  • What is holding MMC back and what systems and products are now available?
  • What technology is emerging and what is at the cutting edge of MMC innovation and how will this help achieve mass adoption of MMC?

Speakers: Jon Di-Stefano, CEO, Greencore Homes,
Andrew Shepherd, Managing Director, TopHat,
Karen Shanks, Strategic & Business Transformation Director, Lighthouse,
Kevin McHugh, Senior Director – Construction, Greystar,
Ele George, Founding Director, Elevate (Chair)

1.15pm Networking Lunch Session
  • A chance to network with other attendees and speakers
2.10pm How can delivery via MMC make a development more sustainable, both in terms of delivery and operationally afterwards?
  • How do we decide between saving embodied carbon, by retrofitting or repurposing, and new build?
  • How can we efficiently retrofit residential property and how can MMC be used?

Speaker: Sarah Daly, Associate Director - Sustainability, Turner & Townsend

2.30pm Why does delivery using MMC support design creativity, rather than restrict it?
  • How do we design and deliver buildings where it’s not possible to tell whether it is MMC or traditional construction?
  • Are their any differences in the design process when it comes to delivery through MMC and is it actually more efficient?
  • How does MMC deliver quality design outcomes and what have we seen delivered?

Speaker: Nick Riley, Board Director, Whittam Cox Architects

2.50pm What can the UK Residential Sector learn from other countries in terms of delivery, product and perception?
  • What is at the cutting edge of product and technology?
  • Why is the UK behind some other Countries in terms of how MMC is perceived and what are the differences?
  • Where are we seeing the most innovation Globally and what can we learn?
  • Why is MMC so important for retrofit as well as new build, and why does this element sometimes get forgotten?

Speaker: Ele George, Founding Director, Elevate

3.10pm Questions for Sarah, Nick & Ele
3.15pm Using Modern Methods of Construction in the Affordable Housing Sector – How are Local Authorities and Housing Associations using MMC to deliver Housing & upgrade existing housing stock?
  • What is the impact of the Government Affordable Housing programme and how can the mandatory delivery of 25% via MMC be delivered?
  • Is the priority to retrofit or to deliver new homes and where does MMC fit with each?
  • How can Las and Has meet Government targets and legislative goals?
  • What is the future for MMC and what innovations are we seeing in the sector?
  • What is the potential for using MMC to deliver much needed housing at significant scale?

Speakers: Katie Gilmartin, Head of Business Development & Innovation, Platform Housing Group,
Dave Lee, Director of Digital Design & Off Site Manufacture, Clarion Housing Group,
Jake Snell, Head of Innovation and Partnership, Abri,
Mike Ormesher, Director, Ottersbrook & Project Director, Off-Site Homes Alliance,
Ele George, Founding Director, Elevate (Chair)

3.45pm How is the adoption of MMC a wider opportunity for the construction sector to add social value?
  • Is the adoption of a technology based, factory delivered housing solution more attractive to the climate conscious gifted next generation, and how can this help us diversify the workforce in the industry?
  • How can we attract a more diverse and representative workforce which better reflects the wide range of customers?
  • How can we engage better with younger people and attract a wider range of skillsets and people into the industry as a whole, and does MMC mean that a new generation of young people could be attracted to the market?
  • How can we make the building industry more attractive and accessible to the general public?
  • Will it ever be possible that working for a housing developer to be considered in a similar manner to working for the like of Apple or Google in 2023? How can we get there?

Speakers: Jeremy Sweetland, Project Director, The Bristol Housing Festival,
Glynnis Poole, Planning, Technical & Sustainability Director, LiveWest,
Gaynor Tennant, Founder & Chair, Offsite Alliance,
Ele George, Founding Director, Elevate (Chair)

4.15pm Closing Remarks from Chair
4.20pm Close & Conference Networking Drinks Session for speakers and attendees